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You Can Choose How To Feel

If you are searching for happiness, you can find it within.

If you don’t like what you find within, only you can change that.

No one can make you happy.

No one can make you unhappy.

Only you can do that.

No one can make you angry. 

You choose to react angrily.

How you feel is a choice that you make.

Thus, reactions are choices you make.

You can choose to react differently.

You can choose not to react at all.

You choose your feelings. I know it doesn’t often feel that way but you do. It may not be easy. But, just because it’s not easy does not mean it’s not possible or that you are not capable or, ultimately, responsible.

You have to live with how you chose to react. You have to live with the results of your choices no matter what. Because you make them. They are part of you now.